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Salicylic acid peeling is a superficial chemical peel that contains a solution of salicylic acid, a compound related to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), buffered at an optimal pH. This peeling is very effective and safe, and produces a smooth and superficial skin exfoliation.
Its application stimulates the renewal of the skin, eliminating all dead cells and impurities. With this, it helps smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin color, reduce acne scars and damage caused by ultraviolet rays and environmental factors (cold, heat, pollution) on the skin, providing skin Clean, radiant, smooth, firmer, free of impurities and younger looking.

Who are salicylic acid peels suitable for?

Salicylic Acid Peeling is especially indicated for acne or oily skin, although it can be performed on patients with all skin types.
Please consult with your doctor regarding the improvements you can expect according to the current condition of your skin. Some patients may present an increased risk of adverse reactions and should seek the advice of their doctor before receiving treatment.

How is salicylic peeling performed?

First, a skin cleansing will be performed with a specific product to remove all surface fat and cell debris from the surface.

Once the skin is clean, the various layers of salicylic acid begin to be applied.

The application process takes approximately 30 seconds to one minute. One minute after application, you can feel a slight burning and burning sensation. This discomfort will increase as Salicylic Acid penetrates your skin and begins to stimulate cell renewal. The discomfort will reach its maximum level two to three minutes after the application, and then it will decrease rapidly and abruptly.


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