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Aesthetic doctors specialists in phenol peeling in Estepona

Phenol peeling is a revolutionary chemical peel for medical, effective and safe use. The effects of phenol peeling are spectacular from the first treatment: it produces a tensor effect that lasts over time, reducing the number, size and depth of wrinkles. Your skin will become thinner and smoother, you will have greater skin luminosity, you will brighten your spots and the color will be more homogeneous on the skin. In addition, you will reduce acne lesions, as well as scars.

The level of action of Phenol Peeling is deeper than with other superficial peels, so the cell renewal or exfoliation it produces is greater and the effect on the skin is faster and spectacular.

It is not necessary to have any skin problem to perform this peel, just because of the exfoliating power, the cell renewal that it causes and the stimulation of collagen production, it is a recommended peel from 30-35 years to keep the skin healthy, bright and protected against external aggressions.

It is the star peel to treat photo-aged skin.

What procedure is followed in phenol peeling?

The procedure is quick and simple, usually has no complications or adverse effects and whoever performs it can be incorporated immediately into their daily tasks. The time can be variable, but in general terms the treatment lasts 30 minutes.
After peeling you can feel the skin slightly tight, but very smooth and soft. You will also feel a slight sensation of superficial anesthesia. However, all these discomforts will disappear spontaneously after 15 or 30 minutes.
On the third day of the peel, the skin will undergo a process of cell renewal that will result in a total exfoliation of the skin. After peeling, which will conclude after 4-5 days, the skin appears smoother, more flexible, thin and rosy, with a more homogeneous color and great luminosity.

Indications and precautions for phenol peeling.

Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible and use an elevated photoprotector for the first 7 days.
Avoid places of excessive heat during the first days, such as saunas and hot tubs.
Avoid exercising on the same day as the peeling application.
During the peeling process, do not pull the peeling skin, as this can cause hyperpigmentation (spots).
Hydrate the skin as many times as desired on the days of increased exfoliation or tightness.
Avoid for a week depilations or other abrasive treatments in the treated area.


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