Restylane Lip Refresh® in Marbella from


Medical specialists filled with Restylane Lip Refresh® in Marbella.


More than 20 years of experience in treatments with Restylane Lip Refresh®.

Security and Guarantee in your treatment.

Individual and close personal treatment.

More advanced techniques in Restylane Lip Refresh® treatments.

Better facilities for aesthetic medicine treatments.

Specialized team of aesthetic doctors.

Put yourself in the best hands. Improves the appearance giving a natural appearance.

Visit us without compromises and find out. Team of highly trained specialist aesthetic doctors.

Restylane Lip Refresh® especially indicated to hydrate and improve the definition of the lips ✅ Rejuvenate and give a greater softness and shine to the lips.

– Minimally invasive techniques. Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Additional services: Tailored financing, All Inclusive, Revisions Included.

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Restylane Lip Refresh® in Marbella

It is a treatment with hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates the lips, hydrating them deeply from the inside and without the danger of increasing their volume. It is perfect for those people who want to rejuvenate this visible area of ​​the face, but do not want an artificial result or modify the original shape of their lips. This material is introduced through a microcanula and returns youth and shine to the lips with a completely natural result.


Dehydrated lips


With one session a year you get beautiful, young and hydrated lips with a totally natural look.


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