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More than 20 years of experience in treatments with Restylane® sub-Q.

Security and Guarantee in your treatment.

Individual and close personal treatment.

More advanced techniques in Restylane® sub-Q treatments.

Better facilities for aesthetic medicine treatments.

Specialized team of aesthetic doctors.

Put yourself in the best hands. Improves the appearance giving a natural appearance.

Visit us without compromises and find out. Team of highly trained specialist aesthetic doctors.

Restylane® sub-Q especially indicated to correct wrinkles in depth ✅ Crow’s feet ✅ Peribucal wrinkles ✅ Forehead wrinkles nas Nasolabial folds ✅ Wrinkles «smile».

– Minimally invasive techniques. Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Additional services: Tailored financing, All Inclusive, Revisions Included.
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Restylane®sub-Q in Marbella

Restylane® SubQ is a gel composed of NASHA (stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin) that instantly gives the face volume. It is used more frequently to mold the cheeks and chin, which are areas that may have lost volume due to aging. Restylane® SubQ offers a predictable degree of correction, so it is impossible to overcorrect the regions of the face that are being treated. This product can create or restore face symmetry quickly and easily, and also enhance features that are already prominent.

Injected into the deep layer of the skin, Restylane® SubQ is ideal for creating or maintaining defined cheek bones and a beautiful profile. Your doctor will massage the area after injecting Restylane® to distribute it correctly, giving it a beautiful face without lines or wrinkles.

All Restylane® brand fillers contain the same amount of hyaluronic acid, approximately 20 mg per ml. Because NASHA particles attract water, Restylane® results are maintained even when the product begins to decompose, which makes Restylane® one of the most beneficial cosmetic fillers on the market today.

All Restylane® products come in pre-measured and pre-sterilized syringes, so it is easy for your doctor to start treatment. Talk to a doctor to find out which Restylane® fillers are right for you.


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