Teosyal® Ultra Deep in Estepona


Teosyal® Ultra deep wrinkle removal


More than 20 years of experience in treatments with Teosyal® Ultra Deep.

Security and Guarantee in your treatment.

Individual and close personal treatment.

More advanced techniques in Teosyal® Ultra Deep treatments.

Better facilities for aesthetic medicine treatments.

Specialized team of aesthetic doctors.

Put yourself in the best hands. Improves the appearance giving a natural appearance.

Visit us without compromises and find out. Team of highly trained specialist aesthetic doctors.

Teosyal® Ultra Deep for deep wrinkle removal – Minimally invasive techniques. Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Additional services: Tailored financing, All Inclusive, Revisions Included.

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TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep in Estepona

What is the treatment with Teosyal® Ultra Deep hyaluronic acid?

Developed to create volume for selected areas (cheekbones, chin), correction of deep wrinkles on thick skin and reshape the contours of the face.

Product Properties:

Available in the TEOSYAL PureSense range (+ Lidocaine)
Average duration: up to 12 months Injection depth: Subcutaneous

Properties of Teoxane hyaluronic acid:

Biocompatible, not immunogenic.
100% non-animal origin: non-allergenic, it is not necessary to perform an allergy test before injection.
Product absorbable over time.
Biodegradable product of progressive and complete cutaneous reabsorption in water and CO2.
High moisturizing power: it can absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
Viscoelastic: maintains the elasticity of the skin. The physical properties of hyaluronic acid gels depend on molecular weight, concentration and degree of crosslinking.
The crosslinked hyaluronic acid forms a dense and dense network.


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