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Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a procedure that seeks to resolve the size, shape or placement of the ears

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Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. A defect in the ear structure that is present at birth or that becomes apparent with development can be corrected by otoplasty. This procedure can also treat misshapen ears caused by injury.

Otoplasty creates a more natural shape while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Correction of even minor deformities can have profound benefits to appearance and self-esteem. If protruding or disfigured ears bother you or your child, you may consider plastic surgery.

What can ear surgery treat?
Overly large ears – a condition called macrotia
Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides in varying degrees – not associated with hearing loss
Adult dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery
Who is a good candidate for ear surgery?
Children who are good candidates for ear surgery are:

Healthy, without a life-threatening illness or untreated chronic ear infections
Generally 5 years old, or when a child’s ear cartilage is stable enough for correction
Cooperative and follow instructions well
Able to communicate their feelings and do not voice objections when surgery is discussed
Teenagers and adults who are good candidates for ear surgery are:

Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing
Individuals with a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for ear surgery
Ear surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.

Otoplasty surgery at Aesophy Clinic

Otoplasty surgery information Otoplasty surgery intervention
Otoplasty surgery price from 1.990€
Intervention time otoplasty surgery 90 minutes
Otoplasty surgery anesthesia Local
Otoplasty hospitalization To be considered by the surgeon
Otoplasty surgery results Immediate
Duration of results Permanent
Recovery 2 to 3 days


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Ear plastic surgery or otoplasty can solve the aesthetic issues arising from an incorrect positioning and/or shape of the ears, by means of a simple although delicate surgical intervention.

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